Coral Ridge Podiatry, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

For centuries, foot care remedies centered around soaking sore feet and debridement of skin lesions to alleviate discomfort. Now, there are revolutionary new aesthetic foot treatments that effectively “erase” calluses and restore cushioning to leave the foot looking and feeling better, while greatly improving walking and other activities. These treatments can now be achieved non-surgically and virtually pain-free.

Dr. Wallach’s treatments are innovative, virtually pain-free alternatives to surgery. They employ state-of-the-art technologies formulated to achieve maximum results which enhance your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you become more vital, youthful and comfortable. We assure you that your feet will feel and look better than they have in years.

Coral Ridge Podiatry can revitalize your youthful bounce so that wearing shoes and even high heels may once again be free of pain. Your feet will look better than they have in years and feel great too! Unsightly cracked heels and thick calluses will be reduced, as will the discomfort in the ball of your foot.

These outstanding foot therapies are proven successful treatments for many parts of the body, and they are now available under the medical supervision of Dr. Gary Wallach, a board certified podiatric surgeon and founding member of the International Aesthetic Foot Society. These therapies enhance the comfort and appearance of your feet, and when coupled with traditional podiatry, offer exciting results.

The new aesthetic treatments offered by Dr. Wallach are designed to help you reclaim your youthful bounce and enjoy your life to its fullest extent.

  • Improve foot appearance
  • Improve foot function
  • Reduce foot discomfort
  • Reduce or eliminate offensive foot odors

Coral Ridge Podiatry treatments
are provided in a spa-like setting under the care and supervision of Dr. Gary Wallach.