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Aesthetics in foot care?  Unheard of?  Not any more.  At Coral Ridge Podiatry we offer treatments which will make your feet smile as well as look good!  Watch the 3 minute video.


Channel 2 report featuring Sculptra. Haven't got time for the pain? Loss of fatty tissue on the bottom of the foot is a common ailment. This is especially prominent in women and often results in pain and burning on the ball of the foot. Wearing shoes, high heels in particular, intensifies this discomfort. Treatments introduce a kind of cushioning material directly into this region to alleviate pressure. Patients typically describe the results to be “like pillows on my feet.” These remarkable procedures eliminate the need for foot pads and allow the patient to choose stylish shoes and wear them with the assurance that they will remain comfortable. Treatments generally last up to 6 months and with repetition may alleviate the pain for years.

“I have not been able to wear hi-heels for years due to burning in the ball of my feet. It has now been two months since I have had the treatment. I just came back from a cruise, doing a lot of walking, and I can still walk without pain in my feet.”
-Karen T.


The Solecare™ treatment is designed to greatly reduce painful calluses on the sole and toes fissures on both the sides and heel of the foot, and deeply cleanse the skin. Dermalinfusion will moisturize and soothe the foot while the Silk Peel® minimizes calluses and heel fissures improving your appearance and function. A fusion of spa, podiatry, and the newest technology, our unique patent-pending Solecare™ experience will result in silky, smooth, revitalized feet.

“I could not walk without pain. Since having a Solecare™ treatment there is none.”
-HB: Age 60

“My heels have never felt so smooth and soft.”
-DL: Age 38

“I never knew I had cold floors, until I had a Solecare™ treatment”

“I have had foot problems for years. Dr. Wallach as my podiatrist could not help me. Having said that, with the Solecare™ procedure, I can now walk without pain. Dr. Wallach was able to remove so much uncomfortable skin that I can now walk without pain.”
-Charles L.


Foot perspiration and odor can be a troubling and embarrassing condition often leading to ruining costly shoes. Utilizing Botox will eliminate or dramatically reduce this condition.